MobileGo Tokens - Biggest ICO Ever - MGO Prices

  • MobileGo ICO

    The MobileGo ICO has been the must successful crpyto-currency ICO in 2017 or ever for that matter.

    The Mobile Go Toke (MGO) crowdsale has ended but MGOs are just starting to hit the exchanges.

    Initial estimates indicate that MobileGo investors will at least gain a 300% return minimum.

  • MobileGo Token Prices In December , 2017

    MobileGo Token prices during the bICO were roughly $.50/token.

    The Tidex exchange was the first to add MobileGo / MGO tokens on June 10th, 2017.

    This new altcoin is currently ranging between $2.50/3 in price. Mobile Go prices in Bitcoins are as high as .005.

  • Mobile Go Tokens

    I first learned about MGO tokens at I invested some thousands worth of Bitcoin in this new ICO.

    Beginners luck perhaps but it seems to have paid off. Mobile Go raised over $50 million and is the biggest ICO in the history of crypto currencies.

    I'm hoping MGO tokens will reach the $10-$15 range. A $10 Mobile Go Token price would give me a 20X return on my ICO investment.